Photos: Iona Hogendoorn
Marouscha Levy is the founder of Mush Design, a design bureau that is devoted to spatial- and costumedesign. These spaces can vary from theatre and opera scenography, visual design for augmented- or virtual reality to other art-related spaces. What sets her work apart is the way in which she explores the relationship between the (dramatic) content of the space and its design, rediscovering this relationship afresh in every project. She distinguishes herself in her work through her meticulous but flexible approach, never losing sight of the central question: 'Is this space telling the story that we want to tell?' In recent years, the designs of Marouscha Levy have exhibited both daring and diversity, never afraid to take on political subjects and grand gestures where necessary.
Her design bureau Mush is based in Amsterdam, but available for assignments worldwide.
Marouscha Levy has a long-standing work relation with Nina Gühlstorff and is part of AKA:NYX. In addition, she has worked on a diverse range of international projects with different directors in recent years.
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